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Chart’s model D8A-3M ambient vaporizer is the perfect solution to help economically boost gas withdrawal rates when your application demands higher flow than what your liquid cylinder can provide. These vaporizers have a MAWP of 600 psig and a 1,200 SCFH rating for intermittent N2, O2 & Ar service (28lb/hr rating for intermittent CO2 service @ 300 psig). The D8A-3M vaporizer is a free standing unit, but is also designed to hang directly on your cylinder. Click here for pricing and availability!


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Our product manuals make it easy for customers to troubleshoot, repair and install Chart equipment safely and correctly.

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Aftermarket Services

Chart provides a range of aftermarket services for industrial gas, LNG products & systems to keep your equipment operating at peak performance. Products include bulk cryogenic storage, portable liquid cylinders, Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk storage, telemetry systems, Thermax vaporizers, Trifecta®, beverage systems, vacuum insulated pipe, Orca™ MicroBulk delivery, semi-trailers, CRYENCO® and more.

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